Erotism in comics

Erotismo nei fumetti
I certainly don't want to draw a history of sexy comics, but only to propose some samples of eroticism in cartoons.

The past

Dagwood The dismallest example is given by dirty comics, bleak comics which were sold underhand in the Thirties. Their (perhaps only) merit was to make a parody of the most famous cartoon charachters.

Jane During the Fifties, not being allowed to represent brash scenes or nudity, authors often exposed their nice women to frequent streap-teases, thus bringing the charme of lingerie out.
The most popular streap-teaser is Jane by Mike Hubbard.

Romeo Brown No brush scenes, yet much "malice" (this word may have a positive meaning in Italian) in Romeo Brown's adventures by Jim Holdaway.

Krazy Kat A case completely apart in comics history is Krazy Kat by George Herriman.
This is the tipical Krazy Kat scene, a cat of ambiguous sex. The brick which Ignatz Mouse throws to him/her with so much obsessive lust excites an unequivocal erotic reaction in him/her. Everybody happy, then? Not at all, because the deed is destinated to be punished with the jail.
A few psychoanalytic notions are sufficient to notice in this repetitive plot a sado-masochism with strong sense of guilt, where the libido is represented by a violent object (the brick). But it's a sado-masochism at the highest poetical degree, with a childish and surreal humour.
You will find about Krazy Kat several interesting sites in WWW.

The Frenchmen

A sexy heroine among the most famous has been the science-fiction character Barbarella by Jean-Claude Forest.

Pornography in comics is usually very dismal. A lucky exception is given by "Les petites filles modèles" by G. Levis (ed. Dominique Leroy,

Philippe Bertrand's "Linda aime l'art" has many post-modern and slightly allucinated scenaries.

I left for last a great genius: Georges Wolinski.

The Italians

And now some examples of Italian artists (who made us forget the squalor of Italian pornographic cartoons of the Seventies).

Firts of all, the most sensual, imaginative and seductive heroine of the Italian (and perhaps wordly) comics: Valentina by Crepax.

Nice perversions also in the women by Leone Frollo, the author of Mona Street, a victorian charachter of mock naïvety, that you may admire also in colour in Venice.

I like a lot also Massimo Rotundo /here from "Amour nouveau").

Miranda Besides the graceful Miranda, a charachter by Vittorio Giardino, we may relish an example of his parodiies of the famous Little Nemo by McCay (see also Vittorio Giardino.

But the most famous is Milo Manara, an excellent artist at the service of the most erotic stories. If you don't know him, visit Manara's site.

Roberto Baldazzini is not less skilled!

By the skilled Cinzia Leone, a cute BDSM rebus

For last, the most recent heroine who has joined this page - and the erotic comics world.
Take note of her, because you will hear very much about her. Even more: she promised to me she will visit me here in my site! She is Alula Bebop by Max Capogna.

At the end, a funny example of 3-D cartoon: Cherry (you need red-green spectacles to see it). I hope nobody will think that this is the image of a web designer, after she has chosen the erotic cartoons to put into her site!

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