Georges Wolinski

One might think that Wolinski has been the gratest genious of European lampoon.
He would be wrong, because Wolinski has been the grater genius of this half century in absolute.
Every cartoon illustration, every strip of his succeds in going further anything the reader could forecast, thus twisting reality and putting to light the nonsense aspect of psychological, political, erotic or social attitudes.
Every time you think: "Oh, no, he CAN'T mean THAT", on moment later you discover he was going to say something much WORSE. All this, when even now the "political lampoon", at least here in Italy, is mostly made by representing political opponent in a humiliating situation, usually dressed like the opposite sex.
Making a selection from his production is impossible, because almost all of it is a masterchief. So I'm beginning with one strip, emblematic of his skill of talking about sex in a political way, and talking about politics in a pornographic way.

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