Chéri Herouard

He also used to sign as "Herric". His carrier as illustrator was very long: from the eighties of the past century to 1952. A huge quantity of drawings for the Journal de Paris and other illustrated magazines.

He did not draw only erotic subjects, of course, but see how much discreet malice in this lady in an unexpected occurence.

Or in this "student", who makes a recapitulative self-examination (no doubt about the fact that she will pass!).

And what an irresistible intensity in this kiss between friends (or will they be twin sisters?).

For the whip's lovers the most rigorous punishments are provided by implacable but very attractive torturers...
See, on this subject, also the cover page of: The infernal flagellator).

It's a nice thing to help a friend when she needs a help...

Have you ever read François Villon's poems? They are very amusant.
Oh, but let's stop it now, otherwise I would risk to lose myself in day-dreams...

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