Invited for an interview by Sophi. Carolyn, in person, the artist of I could not believe to my ears! So I rushed to Alberta Viaggi, my travel agent, to reserve a ticket to New York.

You can imagine my emotion when I knocked at the door of Sophi's studio, in the very center of Manhattan. When she opened, I was almost not able to say a word. Fortunately she put me at once at my ease with her warm affability. What a charming woman! A body, a voice, a sensuality, as fascinating as her marvellous erotic art.
She led me through the corridors full of paintings and drawings: nudes, tied nudes, women and men.
You will understand me if I tell you that my head was almost turning while admiring all those beautiful drawings, that I had seen before only in her website.
- Oh, but this is a couple making love!
- Yes, it is a commissioned painting. When the client saw the result he was very excited: he was almost crying. I am preparing an exposition. See this painting of a woman? She is just finished. She is ready, now.
I apologize for Sophi's sententences that I am reproducing here as I remember them, in my bad English: I can grant you that Sophi speaks a perfect and sweet English! However, I am sure that she really says "she" when talking about her drawings of female subject.
- This is a drawing that I love very much. I TOUCHED her a lot. I also do computer art, but art is something that you have to TOUCH, for me.
- But... This means that you make love with your paintings! - said I almost schocked
- That's right. And painting is so important for me that I would never stop. My arm almost aches now.
- Oh, but I can make you some shiatzu massage if you want! Don't worry: I studied shiatzu.
She gently agreed, and while I was massaging her for a couple of minutes it seemed almost strange to me that such a slight arm could give life to all so strong signes, able to give the idea of a body, of an erotic situation, with a few strokes.

After the massage, I noticed some beautiful ropes, hanging from the shelving
- Do you like those cords? I bought them during a trip. I use them to tie the model, while I am painting my bondage portrait. When I tied the model there, I told her that she should not move, otherwise the whole shelving would have fallen on her. So she stayed all the time still, almost scared.
After hearing this, it took some seconds for me to understand, suddenly.
Now I realized the reason why she had immediately agreed my visit!
Her invitation, the paintings... all this was nothing but a trap!
My destiny was to be tied with that cord, without moving, while Sophi would visualize, with her implacable brush my body. Even more: my soul, my shame, like she had already done with the models before me...
- But... - stammered I in terror - shall I have to stay still... naked...?
- What are you talking of? I don't need you to pose for me, I already have my models. And now please excuse me, but I have to prepare "ohhhh baby!"
- Baby? Do you have a baby?
- That's the name of my next exposition. It will be here in New York, at Art@large, 630 Ninth Avenue No. 707.

Iris for you